Revenue Operations

B2B SaaS Customer Success Maturity Model

A Customer Success Maturity Model provides a structured framework for B2B SaaS organizations to evaluate and enhance their customer success operations systematically. By defining clear stages of maturity, the model helps companies identify their current capabilities and outlines a pathway for progressive improvement…

A Better Way to Manage Salesforce Page Layouts

Dynamic Forms and Actions revolutionize traditional Salesforce page layouts by offering a plethora of new capabilities and flexibility. Granular control and improved page load times are just some of the advantages they provide.

The Imperative of Maintaining Current and High-Quality Lead Data

Leads are the lifeblood of sales and marketing efforts, representing potential customers interested in a product or service. However, the mere accumulation of leads isn’t enough; it’s important to be selective on what data points to capture and keep them current.

No matter your size, measure customer experience

Startup leaders often ask, “is my company big enough to worry about measuring customer experience?” I most often respond with a few questions of my own…

The Scale Shift

Over the past ten years, one of the most common questions I get from CEOs, is where and how to focus their time and resources to effectively grow their startup…
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