Case studies of transformation and scalability

Every startup has a story, punctuated by the challenges they overcome and the successes they celebrate. In our Success Stories, we invite you to explore the journeys of B2B SaaS startups who partnered with us and turned potential into performance. From groundbreaking CRM implementations to state-of-the-art data solutions, these narratives not only showcase the achievements of our clients but also the collaborative spirit and expertise that made it all possible. Dive in to discover how our tailored solutions have catalyzed startup growth and nurtured industry leaders

Your challenges, our solutions

Laundry Management Software

The leading provider of laundry management software created a new Data Lake/Data Warehouse, bringing data from hundreds of MySQL and MS-SQL databases to power customer analytics across their product line. Fractal River work included definition of architecture, creation of data catalog and data pipelines, and all data engineering & visualization work to migrate existing reports and dashboards to an embedded analytics and white-label solution.

Returns Management Platform

A fast growing Returns Management SAAS platform overhauled its reporting capabilities, transitioning from a sluggish system to a dynamic, responsive suite of analytical tools. The integration of a Snowflake-based Data Lake and Data Warehouse, coupled with sophisticated data modeling and Amazon AWS tools, powered a new powerful, embedded Looker visualization layer. This revamp not only accelerated report generation, ensuring rapid access to accurate data, but also set the foundation for advanced analytics, marking a leap forward in the platform’s value proposition to its customers.

Streamline Customer Support

We created a new customer success process to be able to get on top of backlog of tickets, understand why customers were unsatisfied and churning at high rates, through ticket reporting, which allowed the company to prevent further issues and “stop the bleeding.”
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