Laundry Management: LinenMaster

Revamps analytics and creates new revenue stream

Working with the leading provider of laundry management software, Fractal River created a new Data Lake/Data Warehouse and integrated data from hundreds of MySQL and MS-SQL databases to power their customer analytics across the product line.

This also allowed the software company to create a new revenue stream: offering an Analytics add-on to the products, which provided more powerful analytics capabilities to their customers.

Fractal River work included definition of architecture, creation of data catalog and data pipelines, and all data engineering & visualization work to migrate existing reports and dashboards to an embedded analytics and white-label solution.



A leading provider of laundry management software solutions sought to enhance its suite of products with advanced data analytics capabilities. The company aimed to create a new Data Lake and Data Warehouse that would consolidate data from numerous databases to power customer analytics for their main platform and additional utility applications.

What was the challenge?


The company faced the daunting task of integrating and managing data across hundreds of MySQL and MS-SQL databases. The data sets were immense, with some tables containing nearly a billion records and daily event ingestion surpassing a million records/day, requiring a solution that could handle large volumes of data with minimal latency. Additionally, there was a need for upgrading their data visualization and reporting system to provide faster and more efficient insights to their customers, as reports were taking upwards of 30 minutes to run and often simply timing out.

How we addressed it


In collaboration with the company, a comprehensive plan was developed to leverage Amazon AWS, Snowflake, and Looker for building a scalable and high-performance data management solution. The project involved defining a new data architecture, creating a detailed data catalog, and establishing robust data pipelines. The solution facilitated the migration of existing reports and dashboards to a modern, embedded analytics and white-label platform, streamlining the entire data analysis process within the company’s product ecosystem.

In addition, best-practice Data Operations processes and tools were put in place including version control, separate development/QA/production environments, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure-as-code management, automatic data testing and monitoring, and more.

Key benefits


The collaboration yielded significant benefits:

  • High Scalability: The new data infrastructure effortlessly manages the daily influx of data, supporting the company’s growth trajectory in a cost-effective manner.

  • Rapid Data Processing: Despite the vast amount of records, our solution reduced latency to under five minutes, ensuring that the data is timely and actionable.

  • Quick Access to Insights: The optimized system allows for reports and dashboards to load in mere seconds, significantly enhancing the user experience..

  • Customer Empowerment: The implementation of embedded analytics has empowered the company’s customers with data-driven decision-making capabilities directly within their products and provided new functionality such as alerts, scheduled reports, self-service BI, and data extracts in a variety of formats.

This success story demonstrates the software provider’s commitment to innovation and Fractal River’s commitment to delivering sophisticated, high-performance data solutions.

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