Embedded Analytics

Deliver the data experiences your customers expect, including customized reporting, alerts, and self-service BI while accelerating your product roadmap and reducing cost.

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Startups frequently miss the opportunity to enhance the user experience and develop alternative revenue streams with in-product analytics. The absence of these insights can lead to lower user engagement and retention.

Today’s users expect to be able to make data-driven decisions within your platform without needing separate analytics tools. They expect an easy to use, beautiful interface with features such as customizable reports, smart alerts, data downloads, self-service BI, data extraction and more.

Manually incorporating analytics into existing products is a complex and resource-intensive task. Many B2B SaaS startups face technical challenges and high development costs when attempting to embed analytics, diverting focus from core product development.

By creating a distinct Data Team, application teams can remove developing analytics capabilities from the roadmap and accelerate feature delivery. Simultaneously, the Data Team can create and deploy much better capabilities leveraging off-the-shelf products and embedding them into the application.

Without the proper skill set and experience, providing a seamless user experience with analytics that look and feel like a natural extension of the product can be daunting. Startups struggle with customizing third-party analytics solutions to match their branding and UI, risking an inconsistent user experience.

Many startup attempt to power their in-product analytics capabilities using their transactional database. This leads to scalability issues, degraded performance and high cost because these databases were not designed to support the heavy load users create with their queries.

By creating a Data Lake and a robust Data Warehouse, startups can offload these workloads from the production transaction database – increasing performance and reducing cost. In addition, engineering teams can hand off the complexities of dealing with data model and application version changes to the Data Team, which allows them to continue to deliver on the feature roadmap.

Accelerating growth

Our Embedded Analytics solution is crafted to transform your B2B SaaS offering, enabling you to provide valuable insights directly within your product. We understand that analytics should be more than just an add-on; they need to be a seamless, integral component of the user experience. Our team of experts specializes in embedding sophisticated analytics that are not only highly interactive but also designed to blend naturally with your product’s aesthetics. This approach helps increase user adoption, satisfaction, and ultimately, customer retention.

We tackle the technical complexities so you don’t have to, employing state-of-the-art, cost-effective methods to embed analytics into your platform. By handling the heavy lifting of integration, we free up your resources to focus on core product innovation. Our customizable analytics dashboards are designed to deliver real-time, actionable insights that enable your users to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. With our solution, you’ll not only elevate your product’s value but also give your users the power to unlock the full potential of their data without ever leaving your platform.

Seamless analytics integration for an unrivaled user experience.

Series A startup addresses analytics performance issues through embedded analytics

Discover how our embedded analytics helped a rising SaaS company by providing their customers with real-time insights, leading to a substantial improvement in performance and increased platform engagement. Their success story is a testament to the power of embedding analytics seamlessly into their product suite. Find out how they did it and the remarkable impact it had on their customer success metrics.

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