Our Team

Roberto Moctezuma

Roberto is the CEO of Fractal River. He is also a Venture Advisor at Mercury Fund, a Growth Advisor to multiple scale-ups including Spruce, FloatMe and Televet, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Rice University’s Entrepreneurship program and a Board Member of Houston Exponential.  

Roberto began his career as a software developer, co founded a startup pioneering electronic fund transfers in Mexico that grew to $50M, and joined Compaq (acquired by Hewlett-Packard) in 1995.

During the next 15 years, he took on multiple roles of increasing responsibility in eCommerce, sales, marketing, product management, operations, IT and general management. He created Compaq’s eCommerce business in all Latin American countries, managed Operations for HP’s $8B direct business in the Americas region, scaled HP’s Desktop Solutions Global Business Unit into a $450M USD global business, and successfully executed the $240M acquisition and integration of Neoware, Inc.

For the past ten years he has been working with startups, accelerators, universities and venture capital groups to help startups scale. He has been a speaker and coach at multiple events including SXSW.

Roberto is based in Houston and continues to play chess and video games as time permits.

Danielle Quinton

Danielle is a Growth VP at Fractal River where she partners with startups to create scalable customer-facing operations and compelling customer experiences.

Danielle’s strong cross-functional knowledge has been acquired through 30+ years of leadership positions in high-tech, healthcare, public sector, and banking prior to focusing on growing startups in a scalable way. She began her career at Hewlett-Packard (HP), spending the majority of her 20 years leading transformation initiatives and high-functioning teams in Customer-to- Cash functions, technology, and architecture. She was also HP’s Product Manager for Enterprise Social Networking with an agile, globally-distributed development team. After HP she led several training organizations in the Public Sector and ran a booming project management office for a major healthcare company before driving transformational process and systems change at a global bank. During her career, Danielle has been Chief-of-Staff to nine C-suite leadership positions and facilitated strategic planning sessions for various companies and organizations for more than two decades.

Danielle has been working exclusively with startups since 2018. Danielle is passionate about seeing her clients succeed by focusing on their customer’s journey. Her role-up-the-sleeves approach to leadership enables her to design scalable, repeatable Sales, Onboarding, Customer Success, Support and Service Delivery processes that are reinforced with systemic tooling. Danielle provides executive and leadership coaching to her clients, and often serves as a fractional executive (COO, Director of CS, Director of Implementation, Director of Support) for startups when needed.

Efrain Rovira

Efrain focuses on growth strategies and leads our go-to-market practice. Before arriving at Fractal River, he was at Nexthink, a Series-C SaaS company based in Switzerland where he was responsible for marketing and channels.  Efrain joined the US Nexthink team when there were 12 people, and by the time he left Nexthink two and a half years later, there were over 100 people, and the business had doubled every year. 

He started getting involved in the startup ecosystem a few years ago while he held the role of WW VP of ITOM SW sales for HP and is now an investor in five startups from seed to Series B. 

He was VP of Cloud Channels before the WW Sales role and held many general management functions at a global and regional level running multi-billion-dollar P&Ls in high-growth solution categories at HP and Dell.

During his career, the growth formula he has applied has required a variety of components, including changing sales coverage, narrowing product offerings, developing strategic alliances, developing new products, improving external messaging or expanding sales channels.  Efrain knows that scaling and growth in a startup are never one-dimensional issues, so he enjoys applying his experience to the scale-up challenge.

Alexis Langagne

Alexis Langagne

Alexis Langagne is an Executive Advisor at Fractal River with focus on Revenue Operations. He is a global executive with 30 years of experience in leading high-tech companies, focusing on accelerating businesses, developing high-performance talent, transforming organizations, and introducing innovation and diversity.

Langagne started his career working for IBM, Sun and Compaq. He moved to the US as Hewlett Packard acquired Compaq and held the roles of Worldwide Global Accounts Director, Americas Operations VP, Country CEO (Mexico), Operations VP for Asia Pacific (Singapore). He then joined Oracle as North America Operations VP, and later Prosegur as CEO for North America. He has been a Board Advisor for the Houston Sales Leadership Community and Market Partners a consulting firm focused on sales transformation.

Born in Mexico, he is a Physics Engineer from the UAM, an MBA from Alliant and executive programs in Marketing and Finance in Columbia, Leadership in Babson, and Blockchain in Rice University.

Langagne is also a professional-level drummer. In 1988 he won a Yamaha contest with his band Valkyria, represented Mexico in the Worldwide final in Japan, and recently launched the album 8821, recorded during the pandemic.

Given his trajectory, Langagne has been designated as one of “The 300 Most Influential Leaders” in Mexico.

Jhovanny Gonzalez

Jhovanny Gonzalez is a Senior Growth Engineer for Fractal River where he helps startups implement analytics infrastructure, automate operations and implement tools that improve the team’s efficiency and accelerate growth.

Jhovanny has a background in operations, data analytics, and tooling. Prior to joining Fractal River, Jhovanny was the Systems Implementations Manager for The Ion. In this position, he worked in projects involving database management, network and system configuration, as well as software and systems implementation.

Jhovanny found his passion for data analytics and improving business processes while working for a construction company where he used data to create insightful dashboards and reports. His work was heavily used to facilitate business decisions made by upper management.  

Jhovanny enjoys going cycling, swimming, or listening to a good audiobook. Jhovanny graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s in computer science.

Auna Freedman

Auna began her career as a corporate finance consultant, specifically working on companies going through a restructuring. She worked in a variety of industries including oil and gas, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. After several years, Auna transitioned to the start-up world where she helped a sports marketing startup create and implement processes and business standards to drive and accelerate their growth to $8M in sales – a 4x year-over-year growth. 

Over the past couple of years, Auna has consulted for a variety of companies. Focused primarily in the food industry, Auna has advised a $1B foodservice chain on marketing and community partnerships during its expansion into Texas, a 9-figure international meat trading firm on improved operational processes and cash flow models, and an online retailer on its supply chain while expanding into new grocery categories.  With such wide experiences from financial modelings to operations to marketing, Auna loves to take on any new challenge a company is facing.

Auna spends her time traveling, enjoying time with family and friends, and volunteering on the finance committee for Rwanda’s Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. Auna graduated from Babson College with a bachelor of science in business management.

Ashley Biddle

Ashley is a data-centric Growth Engineer at Fractal River who strives  to maximize the power of data to benefit our clients. She makes every effort to equip clients with exceptional data infrastructure by building highly operable, high leverage, and easy-to-use data assets that provide the proper amalgamation of organization, technology and processes. This allows Ashley and the Fractal River team to help clients make informed decisions via data analysis, insights, experimentation, and creative data solutions. She enables others to derive a wide range of insights and intelligence from their data and effectively communicates highly complex data trends to organizational leaders in a way that’s easy to understand.

Ashley has a diverse background in creative content, digital marketing, eCommerce operations, process automation, and data analysis and reporting. Previously she identified, designed, and applied internal process improvements using Python ETL, SQL, and data visualization/exploration tools, allowing her team to increase efficiency by up to 90 percent.

Ashley keeps up with the latest tools and techniques in data engineering, analysis and visualization, and holds technical certifications with Fractal River partners such as Looker, Fivetran, and HubSpot.

Gerardo Moreno

Gerardo is a cybernetic electronics professional with a Master of Science in Big Data Science from the Queen Mary University of London. He has several years of experience developing software and managing databases and data pipelines for the consumer electronics industry. 

He has configured large scale data environments leveraging AWS EMR, Hadoop and Apache, as well as containerized applications using AWS EKS/Kubernetes and Docker for companies such as Samsung and Skyworks. In addition, Gerardo has worked as a DevOps engineer deploying CI/CD processes using tools such as Airflow, Jenkins, Git, and more.

 He is currently part of our data engineering team, and helps build modern data pipelines, warehouses and analysis capabilities.

Ivan Legorreta

Ivan is a Data Engineer primarily focused on data extraction, cloud function and pipeline creation, cloud orchestration, and data modeling as part of the Fractal River data engineering team.

During 2020, he participated in a research project at Boston Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, where he developed a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model to automatically predict quality assessment for brain images obtained through magnetic resonances (MRI).

Ivan is a Cisco and AWS certified professional with experience leveraging projects that integrate different software technologies, relying on cloud services to orchestrate the most efficient and reliable data transfer, transformation and analytics workflows.

Prior to joining Fractal River, Ivan worked as a Data Engineer in a FinTech startup, where he effectively designed ETL data pipelines to integrate FinTech-related applications, using Python and Bash scripting, Airflow DAGs and serverless cloud infrastructure; likewise, he was in charge of the creation and maintenance of a data lake within the AWS ecosystem to unify and analyze data from multiple sources

Ivan is a Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer and enjoys traveling and exploring new places on his motorcycle.